(See page 2 for the bylaws for election of officers)

Post Officers Effective August 1, 2020

Board Meeting 2nd Thursday 18:00

Membership Meeting 2nd Thursday 19:00


Commander                          Tomas J Rafferty   

1st Vice Commander            Robert Hockenbury

2nd Vice Commander           Thomas Marchetto

Finance Officer                     Edward Gallagher

Adjutant                                 Edward Brace

Service Officer                       Kenneth Haney

Judge Advocate                     William D. Bennet

Chaplain                                Vince Menegus

Pariamentarian                     Daniel Kennedy

Historian                                Frank Merritt

Sgt. At Arms                          Al Van Horne

Sgt. At Arms                          Harry Brodhead

Sgt. At Arms                          Daniel Kennedy

2 Year Trustee                        Harry Brodhead

2 Year Trustee                        Jode Perez

1 Year Trustee                        Albert Lesher

1 Year Trustee                        Steven Frederick



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