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Commanders Message:

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January Commander's Message

Greetings Legion Family. 2022 is here and I would like to begin by wishing each of you a happy, healthy, and blessed New Year. Secondly, I would like to thank my officers and members of the Legion Family for the support extended to me throughout this past year. Success this past year is only attained through the dedication of the staff and volunteers. The next time you are at the post take a moment to thank our bartenders and Terri our Steward. 

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Al Lesher for assembling an email list and sending out my monthly newsletter and announcements. Al recently handed over the reins to Ed Brace who will continue disseminating the information. Bravo Zulu Al, thank you for an outstanding job.

Shout out to Mission BBQ for supplying lunch to our veterans and members on Christmas Eve. It was heartwarming to see the Social Quarters to capacity and an enjoyable time was had by all. If you have the occasion to stop by their location in Allentown, take a moment to thank them in person.

Many of you may know by now that Alex our Italian Chef had to resign his position. Alex had some family issues that caused him to make that tough decision. Alex will be back on New Year Day to cook Pork and Sauerkraut. We will serve from Noon till 5:00. 

Welcome Aboard:


Dates to Remember:  See the source image

January 1st        Riders Meeting

January 3rd        Bar Bingo

January 5th        Home Association Meeting

January 10th      Bar Bingo

January 10th      S.A.L. Meeting 

January 13th       Joint meeting Legion & Auxiliary

January 17th       Bar Bingo

January 17th       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 24th       Bar Bingo

January 27th       Honor Guard Meeting    


Home Association News

Welcome to our new chef Ken Macelak.  Ken will begin serving dinner and lunches on Monday, January 3, 2022. We will give him the month of January to get his feet wet and list the Friday Night menus beginning with the February newsletter.


Upcoming Events

 Check the Bulletin board for upcoming events in the planning


Military Trivia:

Answers to December questions

6. On Average, which Military Service ties with the Coast Guard for having the Fastest Promotion Rate to the Rank of E-9?

b) Navy  

7. What does ASVAB stand for?

C) Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery 

8. How Many Days of Leave (Vacation Time) Does a Person in the Lowest Enlisted Grade (E-1) Earn each year?

d) 30 Days 

9. In Department of Defense (DOD) Jargon, what does the term “F - Hour" signify:

a) The Time of an Announcement to Mobilize Reserve Units

10. Other than the Air Force, Which Military Service Requires the Highest General ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery) Test Score to Join?

b) Marine Corps        

Questions for January

11. In the Enlistment Oath, Who Do Military Enlisted Personnel Swear to Obey the Orders of? a) The President & Officers b) The President & the Secretary of Defense c) The Secretary of Defense & Officers d) The President, Secretary of Defense, & Officers 

12. Where Does the Army's Infamous 61 Day Ranger School Begin? (The Course Consists of Instruction at Several Places) a) Fort Bragg, N.C. b) Eglin AFB, FL c) Camp James E. Rudder, FL d) Fort Benning, GA 

13. Which U.S. Military Service has the most 4-Star Generals? a) Army b) Navy c) Air Force d) Marines 

14. What does the Acronym "M.A.S.H." Stand For? a) Military Assistance Support Headquarters b) Military Army Surgical Hospital c) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital d) Doesn't Actually Stand for Anything 

15. According to the DOD, what equals in rank to a Navy/Coast Guard “Commander” in the other services: a) Major b) Lieutenant Colonel c) Colonel d) Brigadier General 

Check Next month’s newsletter for the correct answer.

From the Adjutant

This is just a reminder to please renew your membership, if you have not done so already.

Why: Your membership actually expires on Dec. 31 of the paid year shown on your card. It can be a little confusing because your annual dues are supposed to be paid by Jan. 1 each year so National starts accepting dues for the upcoming year on July 1. The goal is to have everyone renewed for the New Year by Jan. 1, when it begins. If dues are not paid by Jan. 1 of each calendar year, the member becomes delinquent. F eb. 1, the member is suspended, June 30, the member is dropped from the membership rolls.

The annual card reflects your continuous years of membership. If you miss a year of paying dues, your continuous years start over. However, if you think there's a mistake, contact your Post Adjutant and if it's confirmed there is an error, they can submit a request to correct your record. 

National Headquarters has advised that no more notices will be sent out reminding members to renew.

Below are (3) ways to renew:

1. If you have received a renewal notice send it into the Post with a check, money order or cash.

2. If you don’t have a renewal notice you can mail your renewal without the notice or stop at the post to renew.  Please include your full name and membership ID number.

3. Visit Sign into your account (if you have already registered for one).  A “Renew Now” button will appear at the top right-hand of the page.

Don’t Delay Renew Today!


From the Post Chaplain

If you know of any Legionnaire who is sick, in distress, or recently passed away, please contact me at:, or call 610-252-6196, to let me know. Please include their address or family contact and address. I will send a get well or sympathy Card on behalf of Post 9. Thank You, Vince Menegus

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Service Officer

Once again, I urge all Legionnaires to subscribe to the online DMVA Digest. It has timely information relating to VA services and current events such as Employment Opportunities, Veterans Events Around The State Of PA, Seminars, Workshops and Activities.                          

Northampton County VA Rep is Alex Carrillo, Phone: 610-829-4877 

Email Address:

Ken Haney— Service Officer

Social Quarters Hours

    Monday    12 Noon  - 10 PM

    Tuesday    12 Noon  - 10 PM

    Wednesday    12 Noon  - 10 PM

    Thursday    12 Noon  - 10 PM

    Friday    12 Noon  - 11 PM

    Saturday    12 Noon  - 11 PM

    Sunday    12 Noon  - 7 PM

Post Website:

Post Phone:    610-559-8838

Post Email:

Post Address:    2260 Corriere Rd. Palmer Township, PA 18045-7929

Executive Board Meeting:        2nd Thursday 18:00 HRS or 6:00 PM

General Membership Meeting:        2nd Thursday 19:00 HRS or 7:00 PM

Three Brown & Lynch Post 9 veterans were recently recognized for their outstanding service and humanitarian contributions to the community, veterans’ activities, volunteer work, religious activities, promoting Americanism and meritorious service, according to a news release.

U.S. Navy veteran Jode Perez of Easton was recently honored as the 2020 Joint Veterans Council Forks of Delaware “Veteran of the Year” at a banquet hosted by Brown & Lynch American Legion Post No. 9.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions the 2020 Banquet Dinner was postponed until this year.

U.S. Navy veteran Thomas Rafferty of Palmer Township was recently honored as the Joint Veterans Council, Forks of the Delaware 2021 “Veteran of the Year” at a Banquet hosted by the Brown & Lynch American Legion Post No. 9. 

U.S. Marin

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